Why You Should Consider Drop Shipping ?

Are you just getting started in business and you are looking for some unique products to sell but don't have the space for inventory or the additional funds to increase your inventory at this time? Maybe you already have a small business that you would like to expand but do not wish to tie up your money in additional inventory. Then you need to check into drop shipping.  Drop shipping is a very effective way to make sales without having to carry inventory or the costs associated with it.


At Pare Innovations LLC, our Drop Ship Program has no sign up fees, No monthly fee to belong, and No service fee to each drop ship sale.  Just the normal shipping costs apply to your drop ship order(s) within the United States.


Drop shipping is perfect for anyone:


•Starting an online or home based business

•Looking to offer more products to their customers

•Doesn't want to hold inventory

•Or needs to keep their overhead costs down


How Does Drop Shipping Really Work? 


Here at Pare Innovations LLC we stock the inventory, you make the sales, and then we drop ship the orders to your customers for you.  Just add the product(s) you want to sell on your website, decide if you want to use our suggested retail price or create your own.  When a drop sale is made from your website, you collect the full cost of the sale along with any associated shipping costs.  You then place the order on Pare Innovations LLC Drop Ship Store at your discounted price.  Once we receive your drop ship order we will then pack and ship it out to your customer with your business information on the packing slip, neither our name nor any sale price will appear on the order at all.


Benefits of Drop Shipping with Pare Innovations LLC:


•You do not have to purchase any products until you have sold them and received payment from your customer.

•Great way to test the market to see what your customers are looking for before you invest in inventory.

•No need to invest in expensive warehouse space to store inventory.

•No need to purchase shipping supplies.

And the best benefit: you get to purchase Pare Innovations LLC at a low discount of 35 - 36% off our suggested retail prices, offering you the ability to make a nice profit.



Are you ready to start earning more with less work? 

Then activate your Drop Ship Acct today.