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Rocka Design Stone Maker
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People love to be creative in and around their homes and that includes their walkways and garden paths.


Creating stepping stones has been so limited in originality until now. ROCKA DESIGN™ solves that problem.   Now creativity is endless! 


ROCKA DESIGN™ Custom Stone Maker is a flexible, reusable form that can easily create any shape and size stone for garden paths, walkways and patios.  No other product offers this kind of flexibility to create custom stepping stones and that's why people love it.

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 ROCKA DESIGN is a new way for contractors and do-it-yourselfers to create custom garden paths, walkways and patios.


·    The easy to use form is 8 ft. long x 3 ½" high and made of a flexible, reusable, washable 100% vinyl that allows the user to bend the form into any shape or size desired and is extremely durable and easy to clean.  After use, just clean, roll up and store for another project.  


·  The form can be adjusted to whatever size stone is desired.


·    ROCKA DESIGN™ can make a 10 lb. stone, up to a 100 lb. stone averaging 32" x 20" x 3.5" thick (form can hold two 50 lb. bags of concrete).


·    Also works great for going around corners.

ROCKA DESIGN™ works in 3 easy steps creating professional looking walkways and patios with no special skills required:


1. Shape the form to the desired size and shape


2. Pour the dry concrete mix directly into the formed shape


3. Add water. After approx.1 min remove the form and it's done. Time for the next stone.


* Coloring and textures can also be added to the water for more realistic stones.


* The option of premixing the concrete and adding it to the form can also be done.

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